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Lokking for investor
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5.3.2014 10:00
Lokking for investor
As i have import and export fruits and vagetable company in Egypt, Cairo - Luxor and looking for an investor or business partner in my company, anyone can be from foriners ewropian or russian or anywhere in the world.

- i will give legally share as per investment, it can be from 10% to 50% which will required amount according to shares.

- you will get work permit and all other legal benefits.

- you will be shareholder of all the company assets including office, accessories, social security deposits, medical and insurance.

- you can avail my accommodation free of cost when you will stay in Egypt.

- First you decide how much you have capital or how much shares you required and then i will tell you all details regarding investment, mod of payments, income estimation.

Feel free to ask me whatever you have in your mind and send me private message

Please avoid to ask questions in comments.

Looking forward to best person in my business.
Regards, Mary
17.10.2014 11:27
business partner from Russia
Hi, Mary! We are looking for a partner in Egypt, who would help us in the negotiations with the hotel owners. Each hotel consumes much diesel fuel. We sell technology that saves 15% of fuel. We are at our expense are ready to prove the effectiveness of our technology. Owner at no risk. For you, we offer a unique opportunity to become our partner in Egypt! Waiting for your reply. Stanislav
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